A Solution Focused View to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Being Negative is a Bad Habit

Habits are created through repetition. Processing our lives in a negative way actually leads our mind to perceive that we are in some sort and crisis or emergency. Consequently, it promotes behavioural patterns and responses that spiral us out-of-control and into self-perpetuated negative feedback loops. As a result, instead of ‘living’ in the fabulous here and now, we struggle in survival mode.

All humans have the innate resources to effectively control their thought processes in a positive way. And, doing this means the ‘Guard’ part of the brain can relax and the intellectual, rational part can stay in control. How we ‘think’ is how we ‘feel’. So this better management of our mind is going to mean we’re also going to ‘feel’ a lot better too. The healers and ancient wisdom has known for years that our emotions effect our health. Now the latest psychoneuroimmunology (emotions-brain-immune system) is proving this.

Turn Things Around

So start practicing to become the master of your own thought processes. Burst those thought balloons of negativity and ‘practice’ being positive and optimistic. It might feel unnatural, strange or uncomfortable at first. But practice makes perfect. In time this will feel the natural way to be.

Habits are formed through repetition. So, now, turn your default button from negative to positive and start enjoying the benefits. You’ll soon notice how this different perspective on life has a positive effect on many other areas of your life. By taking a Solution Focused neuroscientific view, life can be always better!

Need Help?

For therapeutic support and guidance in this we have modes of support to suit all needs and preferences. In our Alchemy Hypnotherapy Organic Apothecary, we have three ways of helping with mental health issues, life challenges or achieving goals: our Alchemy Clinic (in Penarth), our Alchemy Clinic (Online) or our Alchemy Courses.

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