CORP Research

Alchemy Life Therapy is proud to be part of an international research programme proving the effectiveness of the particular combination of Medical Hypnotherapy & Solution Focused Psychotherapy we offer called CORP Research.

Every week, our customer-patients can scale themselves in seven key areas of their lives:

  • Thoughts
  • Interaction
  • Activity
  • Confidence
  • Strengths
  • Achievement
  • Happiness

The data is entered anonymously, so it is fully GDPR compliant.

The customer-patient gets to see their progress measured in line graphs, block graphs and a numerical percentage figure.

The CORP Research programme also gives the therapist a graph of their customer-patients’ average improvements across the practice and compares that graph with the global average improvement.

Alchemy Life Therapy is proud to present its CORP Research graphs:

The purple line in the Session Progress Chart above is the improvement in the global statistics, representing a 65.51% gain in those seven key areas of life measured.

The red line is the average improvement experienced by customer-patients of Alchemy Life Therapy showing a 144.08% gain along the way.

We have left these graphs run for 16 sessions so that you can see that the good work continues.

NB Not everyone needs or wants this many sessions. You’ll notice by far the most of this improvement was experienced by sessions 6, 7 and 8. At this point, they have clearly regained intellectual control – they feel sure by now that they are on track.

Some people finish their sessions at that point if they feel they have the resilience to carry on being solution-focused by themselves in order to stay on track.

If someone wanted to continue, the graphs show that thereafter it is perfectly normal for us all to undulate at the high levels along the way.

Once someone is up at this end of the scale, they are not stressed, anxious, or depressed. They see life issues and challenges as “do-able” rather than “doom and gloom”.

They are making good and healthy decisions for themselves and those around them. They have a resilient amount of intellectual control.

These Alchemy Life Therapy CORP Research Graphs were generated on 25/02/21.

For more information about CORP Research and the particular combination of Medical Hypnotherapy with Solution Focused Psychotherapy we offer, please contact us.


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