Natural Brain Chemistry, Creating Positive Change!

What is Alchemy? The early alchemists were chemists (pharmacists) – our modern Alchemy is about producing the right balance of natural chemicals in the brain and body to promote health, wellbeing and success (writing and formulating your own prescription).

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis combined with therapeutic techniques.

What is Alchemy Hypnotherapy? Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy, combined with knowledge from:

  • science (Quantum, Medical Neuroscientific, Psychoneuroimmunology)
  • complementary / holistic therapies (Reflexology, Massage, Tarot, Mediumship, Crystals)
  • therapeutic practices / approaches (CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP)
  • ancient mystical / energy healing work – the rich history of (Quantum, Coherence, Reiki, Shamanism)
  • physical disciplines (Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Singing, Sport)

All of which create a potent blend of knowledge to facilitate magical, therapeutic change. None of these techniques are used in a literal sense but they provide a theoretical body of resources that relate to human innate needs and are an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance.

What is Medical Hypnotherapy? This advanced technique specialises in medical and clinical issues.

What is a Hypnotherapist? A therapist using hypnosis and therapeutic techniques with another person.

What is Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy?  This is the talking part of therapy, which focuses on present and future circumstances and goals rather than past experiences. This goal-oriented therapy is not problem focused. Instead, the therapist facilitates the client in developing a vision of the future and lighting the way as they achieve that vision successfully.

What is Hypnosis? A focused state of consciousness.

What is Clinical Hypnosis? The use of hypnotherapeutic approaches for clinical (medical/dental) purposes e.g. helping a client to reduce high blood pressure. 


What is Hypnotist? A person who creates a state of hypnosis in another person.

What does Hypnotise mean? To use hypnosis techniques to create a state of hypnosis in another person.

What is Hypnotism? The act of inducing or creating hypnosis in another person.

What is Self-Hypnosis? Using an induction to put one’s self into hypnosis and then giving self-suggestions and possibly using hypnosis techniques within the hypnotic state. 

What is Stage Hypnosis? Hypnosis, combined with suggestions for entertainment purposes (usually entertaining).

What are Hypnoidal States? This can also be referred to as waking hypnosis. A state that has some aspects of dissociation and resembles light hypnosis, yet created (induced) by natural processes rather than purposeful hypnosis. Examples of this are daydreaming, driving (highway hypnosis), becoming engrossed in a book or movie, or zoning out during repetitive exercise (e.g. treadmill). 

What is Hypnotic Induction? The approach/technique used to create a state of hypnosis. 

What is a Hypnotic Deepener? The method of intensifying the state of hypnosis following an induction. 

What is an Awakening? Also called alerting, re-alerting or de-hypnotising. The approach used to return a hypnotised person to their normal waking state. 

What are Suggestions? Constructive things said to a client to generate a positive response (in or out of hypnosis). 

What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

Sympathetic: When activated causes physiological changes to occur, preparing the body for fight/flight. Tension. Occurs naturally during in-breath.

Parasympathetic: A self-regulating, stabilizing system that brings a person back to a state of balance, or homeostasis. Relaxation. Occurs naturally during out-breath. (Trance / Hypnosis is very beneficial to help this process.)

What is REM (Rapid eye movement)? A rapid ‘flickering’ of the eyelids, when closed, due to movement of the eyes. REM occurs during dreaming sleep (see: ‘Brainwaves – Theta’) and also during medium/deep hypnosis. These are the only two times REM naturally occurs.

What is The Subconscious Mind? This is the part of the mind that works in the background below the level of our awareness. It works within patterns that respond to the continual stream of commands given by our thoughts, emotions, hopes and desires and is the caretaker, ensuring all the necessary survival mechanisms are operational. It files all learning, experiences (both positive and negative) and memories and is especially accessible through hypnotic suggestion. 

Alchemy is the ancient science and art of creating positive change – meaningful
transformation. The term was traditionally used to refer to the spiritual practices of the
first chemists from ancient cultures around the world. Early alchemists sought
enlightenment by trying to unify mortal existences and the purity of the heavens. They
embodied the olden term, Magick, playing with metals and chemicals, creating mixtures
and concoctions to increase health, wealth and abundance.

We, The Alchemists, Gareth Strangemore-Jones and Enfys Jones are grounded in the
tried and tested techniques of Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution
Focused Psychotherapy. However, we have learnt through experience during our
personal journeys and through working with our clients that the most powerful and
durable change comes from the understanding that singularly, neither science,
complementary therapies or mystical approaches are enough. Amalgamating them in a
bespoke balance appropriate for each of our clients produces the best and often, what
can only be described as, magical, changes.

We have utilised our combined skills and experience in energy healing work (Quantum,
Coherence, Reiki, Shamanism), science (Quantum, Medical Neuroscientific,
Psychoneuroimmunology), the rich history of holistic approaches (Reflexology,
Massage, Tarot, Mediumship, Crystals), therapeutic practices (CBT, Mindfulness,
Mediation, NLP) and physical disciplines (Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Singing, Sport)
to create a potent blend of knowledge to facilitate therapeutic change. None of these
techniques are used in a literal sense but they provide a theoretical body of resources
that relate to human innate needs and are an invaluable source of inspiration and

Our modern-day Alchemy focuses on the creation of the right balance of natural
chemicals (or hormones) in the body and the mind that promotes health, happiness and
yes, greater wealth! We may even find ourselves creating Heaven on Earth.
We teach toolkits, techniques, impart knowledge, all helping the individual to find their
own solutions to achieve the changes, plans or goals they present to us. These solutions
are rehearsed during the special intelligent relaxation of trance. Then, the person
transfers this into their everyday lives to practise, repeat and form new patterns.
Accumulated steps of change are nurtured till their goals are met.

Our understanding is that the universal life-force energy that we draw upon is abundant
and that a unified effort consisting of proactively working towards positive goals for the
future; whilst rehearsing these plans in the virtual rehearsal space of the subconscious
mind; dosed with authentic intoxicating heightened emotions matching the belief that
these goals have already happened – manifests our hopes and dreams into our reality.
The more focus and dedication we apply to this process, the quicker and more profound
the results will be.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy lights the way for individuals to write their own natural
prescription and move forward positively with no negative side effects. Alchemy
Hypnotherapy literally is: Natural Brain Chemistry, Creating Positive Change. We will
help you to resolve any mental health issues or life challenges and to succeed in your

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is a place where you can learn to Be Your Own