I want to say why I came to Alchemy Hypnotherapy in the first place. I was feeling very anxious in my life, no self-confidence, not sure what I wanted to do with myself in my life, struggling to get things done, feeling disconnected to myself and others, always procrastinating, sometimes almost thinking, what’s wrong with me, not knowing, but thinking there was something wrong with me, maybe not knowing what, but just feeling very stressed out generally.

I didn’t want to go down the route of traditional talking therapy as I didn’t think it would benefit me, so the focus on solutions and putting solutions into my life that work for me and into my subconscious has really helped. Also bringing focus into what I need and want from life because I really didn’t know at the start. Learning about my brain and how it works has been fantastic, it means I can understand myself and my triggers better. Also, to understand that actually there is nothing wrong with me as such, it’s just that my brain was stuck in a mode that was habitual and I needed to find a way to get out of the rut. So being able to discuss neuroscience and how the brain works have really helped me and also being able to think logically about my brain and its processes has really helped.

Having small goals each time, to work towards has really helped me and obviously the fact of putting those goals into my subconscious on a deep level while I’m relaxing. Because it’s not so much of consciously thinking about the goals but that they’re working away in the background.

Also listening to the MP3 that Enfys gave me every night has really helped boost me and it’s helped me to get better sleep, even though I may not be sleeping more, the quality of my sleep is better that has been really good.

Things I’ve changed since coming to Enfys several months ago, I’ve changed my appearance for the better, I feel more confident and a lot less anxiety. I’ve got confidence in making good decisions for myself and knowing what I want from life and what’s good for me and being aware that positive thoughts, actions and interactions are key to bringing myself into a more positive frame of mind and getting a better quality of life, so trying to live by those things. Being a Reiki practitioner myself and using Reiki for myself as therapy, it’s been amazing to speak about the more mystical side of life such as frequency and vibrations and how they affect yourself and other people. How using visualisation can bring things into your life for the good, working with universal laws and quantum physics, which is something I’m very interested in and I’ve got more interested in with all the information I’ve received since working with Enfys and it’s been amazing and stimulating for my brain.

 The visualisations that I’ve been doing have actually worked, to bring things towards me that I want, which is fantastic, which also has made me believe in the process more, which is kind of like proof in the pudding and then doing more of the same to get better and more results.

Also measuring my progress each time how I think I’ve improved in my target areas helped as I’ve been able to watch myself growing actually in a tangible way. And doing things at my own pace has really helped me as well. There’s no rush or anything to achieve anything, the process is all about what you need and want and it’s all about identifying what is good for you and it’s all about you basically and drawing out the things that will make your life better for yourself, which I didn’t know before but now I do.

What I’d like to say about Enfys is that I believe that the right people come into your life at the right time if you need them and if you ask the Universe for help, which I did. I was, really, at my lowest point probably and I really needed the right person to guide me through the therapy process as I was sceptical about having therapy, which is why I’ve put it off for such a long time and left it to this point in my life.

I found Enfys after searching the NCH website, the register for hypnotherapists, and saw her happy smiling picture and a massive list of qualifications and I then gave her a ring and I spoke to her on the phone and she said she’d definitely help me and I believed her and I came to see her and she put me at ease straight away. It was just like meeting an old friend so I just felt really good and really confident straight away. I didn’t have to hold anything back or hold anything in so I was able to get the most from the process straight away. She’s warm and encouraging and down to earth and I always feel comfortable and safe to say what I feel and what I want. I always feel better and more relaxed and positive after a session.

In seven months I’ve had more accelerated growth than I could have imagined or wanted in my personal life, my relationships, my perspective on life is so much more positive and healthy. I feel like I’ve accepted myself at last after struggling for so long with just accepting who and what I am. And knowing who and what I am really has helped me to bring that out as well. And I would say in such a short time it’s transformed the relationship with myself, I’ve started to learn how to love myself, which is so important and which I’ve never known how to do really but now I’ve got the tools and I can connect more with my higher self to bring the good things into my life, which I proved to myself from the way things are going and what I’ve been doing, good improvements I’ve had.

Enfys has taught me to change what I need to, accept what I can’t and also if you believe in the magic of life you’ll find it. I’ve learnt that you don’t have to be strictly one thing or another so you don’t need the labels, I’ve tried to let go of labels from my life because they are so restrictive. So you can be the things that you want and need to be for you. You don’t have to be not this, because you’re this and not that because you’re that.

You can combine science and practical and logical with magical and mystical things and you need to find balance in your life, which is where I’m getting, what I’m doing. I’ve never really fully accepted myself until this process but now I have the tools. I’ve got a lot more self-worth and self-belief.

I’m still work in process but I’m embracing my sensitivity, which is sometimes hard me for myself and other people to deal with and also my eccentricities, which is the same but we’re getting there and I’m definitely in a much better place in my life and thank you very much Enfys and Alchemy Hypnotherapy.”

Joanna Dancey

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