This is a picture of an astronaut and rocket saying we work with you wherever you are.

We can work with you WHEREVER YOU ARE!

Alchemy Hypnotherapy has a fantastic new Online Clinic. Using our bespoke software, all you have to do is click a link and enter your own personal consulting room.
Here we can share whiteboards (eg we can draw pictures of the brain, the parts that work for you or sometimes conspire against you, neuron-to-neuron connections, etc); share documents and files and annotate them live to highlight the most important parts; to co-browse (eg to look at internet research, articles of interest, watch videos, etc) but most of all to see each other and talk, face-to-face, over an internet video conferencing platform that’s like Skype on steroids! (The Solution Focused part)
Then we switch to Audio-only for the Hypnotherapy / Relaxation part…
So you don’t have to come to our lovely clinic in Penarth and you don’t even have to leave your home or rocket!

Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change
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* Online Clinic
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